Three Types of Marketing Promotions

No product or service is the same, and therefore, it is important to utilize different marketing strategies for your company. These different promotional strategies each reach a different group of people and promote products and services in different ways. It is important that as business owner, you understand how to properly execute each promotional strategy so that you might be

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Avoiding Distractions in Marketing

In the world of marketing, there is always a million paths to go down and ways to go down them, and in result, it is easy to get  distracted from your original purpose. While it is important to keep an open mind in marketing, it is also important to set a focus and stick to it. We have gathered a

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Colors, and the Psychology of Marketing

We never want to abuse psychology, in marketing, however, you can use it in your favor without manipulating your customer. You do this by adequately creating the feel that best represents your company. Colors play a huge roll in this. There are few aspects in life that create feeling as much as a color. So before you choose the colors that

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Marketing Advice for Startups

The world of business can be more tedious than you might think before you actually begin the journey. When you are beginning to start-up your new business, there are certain areas that you must exercise more caution with than a veteran business may have to. Listen to the Customer This has been preached for years, but there is really no denying

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