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[boc_top_icon_box title=”Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” animated=”yes” has_icon_color=”yes” icon_color=”#f1c42e” href=”https://marshillmarketing.net/seo/” icon=”icon icon-location2″]We believe in local businesses, and the benefits they bring to the community. Local SEO will help potential clients to easily learn about your business and to reach out.
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[boc_top_icon_box title=”Website Development” animated=”yes” has_icon_color=”yes” icon_color=”#2ab1cc” href=”https://marshillmarketing.net/web-development/” icon=”icon icon-browser3″]First impression is everything. Experts believe that it only takes .05 seconds on your website for someone to have a full impression of your entire brand. Why settle for anything less?
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[boc_heading alignment=”center”]2019 SEARCH ENGINE Stats[/boc_heading]
[boc_circle_counter title=”of Google searches of local” number=”61″ custom_color=”yes” color=”#edc12d” centered=”yes”]
[boc_circle_counter title=”of online experiences begin with a search engine” number=”93″ centered=”yes”]
[boc_circle_counter title=”of mobile users prefer voice search” number=”16″ custom_color=”yes” color=”#edc12d” centered=”yes”]
[boc_circle_counter title=”of mobile search traffic is done using Google” number=”96″ centered=”yes”]
[boc_circle_counter title=”of users ignore sponsored search results” number=”75″ custom_color=”yes” color=”#edc12d” centered=”yes”]

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