Authentic marketing evolves from knowing your mission from the beginning. Ben and Jerry’s is a fantastic example of this. When Ben and Jerry’s was founded they set forth a three part mission: product, economic, and social. Their mission has remained unchanged over the years, and that has played a huge role in their success. It is important to set […]

If you ask anyone with a cellphone to give you a phone number without first looking it up, you will probably be met with a look of confusion. It is a widely accepted fact in our culture that we do not memorize phone numbers anymore. I remember filling out paper work at the doctor’s office not […]

All businesses must start somewhere, and typically, that “somewhere” is pretty small. In order to grow your business, marketing is an essential step, but there is a fine line in the process as funds are typically limited at the beginning. However, just because you cannot afford the giant blimp with your face on it or […]

Social media is an essential aspect to any business big or small. It’s a form of marketing that reaches a huge audience at little to no cost. However, social media will act as a voice of the business, so it is important that your social media delivers the brand that you want to established. In order to do this, […]

An elevator pitch will often be the first impression your company will make to prospective customers. Because of this, it is important that it be well organized and polished so that you represent both yourself and your company well. You never know when you will run into a potential client, so it is extremely important […]

 Marketing is a strange art, and it takes a decent amount of learning and tweaking throughout the process in order to effectively reach your targeted demographics. This makes it near impossible for a marketing plan to be flawless on the first shot. However, no matter how different every company’s marketing plan may look, there are common and […]