Consumers today are extremely socially aware people, and they are passionate about whatever they choose to stand behind. As people become more aware of the environment, of the economy, of the poverty in third world countries, there becomes a determination to contribute to making the world a better place. With the right motivation, this poses real opportunity for marketers. How can you, your product, or service contribute to making the world a better place, and most of all, how can you market it authentically?

Tell the Truth:

How ironic would it be if you appealed to people’s ethics by telling lies. It’s not hard to stand behind something you are passionate about, so do it, and do it with your resources. Don’t fib your way into the hearts of new customers. The truth is, the days of manipulating sentimentality in order to pull at heartstrings is long over. The card has been played way too often, and consumers are now much more discerning of truth. So don’t lie. Stand behind something you truly believe in, not just something that many of your consumers believe in.

Go Green: Go Green | Mars Hill Marketing

Even if the environment is not on the list of things you’re passionate about, taking steps to go green is something that will make a huge impact. You don’t have to donate a million dollars to the rainforest, simply design your company to be more sustainable. Many companies are taking steps to decrease their global footprint, and many consumers are reacting to the change. Look into ways that allow you to do the same, and not only might you see higher revenue as a result, but your total costs put out may decrease as well.

Get Behind a Movement: We Support Fix Chicago.

Like mentioned before, it’s not hard to be passionate about something, it’s actually natural. Odds are, you’re passionate about your business, hence why it became a business. When you think about the things your care about, it is important to consider what might blend well with your business itself. Consider your consumers. There is a good chance you share passions with many of them.

Find Your Own Story:

“Wear Sseko, send a girl to college,” that’s the motto behind a sandal and purse brand called Sseko Designs. The Founder, Liz, came up with the Idea after visiting Uganda on a whim after college. She saw that many women in the country get caught in an impoverished cycle due to the fact that they cannot afford to go to college. Liz taught these women how to make a pair of strappy sandals, and thus, SSeko Designs was born. It has now expanded into various purses, shoes, and jewelry, but it all serves the same purpose. Every item is handmade by a woman in Uganda, and every nine months the company is able to send women to college. That’s an incredible story, of an incredible company. But that isn’t your story. You have your own, and you have the stories of the consumers that you got to impact. Offer a product that can impact lives, and tell the stories.

Sell What You Can Stand Behind:

The most efficient form of marketing in today’s age is word of mouth. However, if your product does not live up to the expectation that you present, this can work against you. Be sure you offer a product or service that you are proud to stand behind, and don’t offer anything that you cannot deliver.

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